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Welcome To Your Divorce Resource Center

The P.E.A.C.E. of Mind Initiative aims to be the resource center that inspires and supports women to feel Prepared, Educated, Assured, Confident and Empowered before, during and beyond divorce.

You're Taking the Steps toDo What is Right for YouDo What is Right for You you should, babe.

We've Been in your shoes

We Understand the Dynamics & Can Guide You Through What You May Expect

This entire space is built with you in mind, backed by the experiences of so many other women who have faced divorce themselves and hope to offer you the resources they wish they had when they needed it. When it comes to feeling lost on where to start, you're not alone. Whether you're the only one that knows you're contemplating a separation or whether you were blindsided by your spouse, feeling the need to have an idea of what you may experience as you navigate this is absolutely reasonable and necessary.

We feel better when we feel prepared

Divorce is overwhelming, period. fear and uncertainty are at the foundation of the stress we feel and these are only a fraction of the questions we ponder:

  • Where do I even begin?

  • How do I know what to ask?

  • What if I'm still not 100% certain this is what I want?

  • Can I even do anything to prep before hiring an attorney?

  • Is this going to get dragged out in court for months (or years!)?

  • What are my options?

  • What about the house?

  • How can I figure out what's the best long-term strategy for me?

  • What should I consider when it comes to making sure my kids are taken care of?

  • How will I even afford a divorce?

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How Can We Help

Support & Guidance When it's All Just Too Much

Crossroads are an inevitable part of life offering us many different paths on which to travel. All too often we cannot see the wood through the trees and create our own barriers to decision making and success. Divorce is no different and has its own barriers, some out of our control, but sometimes having help to focus on what you really want to have happen – and what you need to do to achieve it – will give you that nudge and set you off in the direction that is right for you. Clear and pragmatic, I believe that successful strategies comes in many shapes and sizes. Success can't happen if you aren't aware of your options and who can help you navigate which one may be best for you, your situation and your ideal desired outcome.

It was imperative to identify professionals who work with women in this field and who understand it takes a village of support and no single service or strategy is a one-size-fits-all solution. The decisions made in a divorce process can have long-lasting impact and you are worthy of making sure you feel as though you're making the best decision possible. You want a safe space to do that without having to spend hours trying to figure out where to even start to figure out just what that best pathway is. This initiative's goal is to provide those resources, from all the different professionals that work with women faced with divorce, in this space for you to easily access.

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Sometimes you teeter on the line of "do I stay or do I go" for what can seem like a torturous eternity. I get it. I was the same. The overwhelm itself can be enough to just try our best to ignore the circumstances so we can avoid the pressure of figuring it all out. There are times you just wish you knew what may be coming up, or what to expect, that would help you take another step forward - no matter how much time may be in between those steps. That's why I feel it's important you have access to this as early as you need it, for as long as you need it. Because sister, there are still things that come up even beyond the most amicable of divorces that we just didn't even expect.

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remind yourself that you are






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There can be peace on the other side of this. Take this time to reconnect with yourself. Learn who you are at your core. Love her. Embrace her. Value her.

Jamie Milam

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